Handcrafted HiFi Analog Audio Systems
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Great music comes from great musicians, not from the equipment. Our aim is to get you as close to the musician as possible right from your living room and the system should just disappear. The only thing we care about is fidelity and purity of sound to bring you the true experience of listening to music.

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Although by no means an entry level system, the Level I is our best budget offering without compromising on essentials

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Level II attains levels of performance that one can only dream of. The ultimate audiophile stereo system.


Level III is for serious listeners who crave that extra little something that their most expensive system just cant give.



A collection of equipment we have handcrafted with passion



The warm glow of vacuum tubes on our copper chassis is what inspired the name Copper Glow. Each of our custom handmade systems is made with great passion and immaculate craftsmanship only using solid wood and copper. We dont fake materials neither do we fake sound. Our circuit is designed to give you absolute fidelity. You will hear music exactly how the artist intended. Our amplifiers come with just one knob for the volume. No other tweaks are necessary.  Our attention to material and component choice ensures that our systems will last a lifetime, even in challenging tropical climate like ours. 

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Our system is on demo at:

Audiophile Goa

H no 49, Jukebox,

Nr Maruti Temple,

Mala, Fontainhas, Panjim.

Goa, India - 403001



Mon - Sat: 10am - 7pm

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